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200 SERIES - Spring Energized Dynamic Seals

200 Series springs are made from flat metal strip stock of 300 Series stainless steel or Elgiloy®, as required. The strip stock is punched or chemically etched into a serpentine pattern and formed into a rounded "V" shape. The finished spring produces a moderate load vs. deflection range that is suitable for most dynamic applications.


  • Dynamic Rod and Piston Seals
  • Dynamic Internal and External Pressure Face Seals
  • Rotary/Oscillatory up to 250 ft/min
  • Temperatures from -100ºF to 650ºF
Seal samples

In the case of diameters less than 1", the same spring configuration can be produced from chemically etched rosettes that are formed into the "V" shape. The 200 Series seal is intended for dynamic application involving rotary or reciprocating motion. They can also be used in static conditions when there is need for a spring with greater deflection due to wide gland tolerance, excessive expansion and contraction or flange lift off due to high pressure. The long beam leg design puts the spring load out at the leading edge of the seal. This allows the seal to act as a scraper or excluder seal when the optional scraper lip is elected.

Seal sample Standard heel, radius leg design Piston or rod seal when hardware design prohibits optimum lead-in angles
Seal sample Heel plus design Dynamic piston or rod seal for improved extrusion resistance at high temperature and/or high pressure
Seal sample Standard lip design with single back-up ring Dynamic piston or rod seal with high modulus back-up ring for extrusion gap considerations exceeding the heel plus design
Seal sample Skived I.D. or O.D. leg design When shearing of the media off the dynamic hardware is required for abrasive media
Seal sample Inside or outside pressure face seal When static, oscillatory or rotary sealing is perpendicular to the center line
Seal sample Flanged heel design Typical rotary or oscillatory seal clamped in place to prohibit seal rotation. Recommended for applications with pressure under 20 psi and surface speed less than 250 ft./min.
Seal sample Silicone filled cavity design Seals the spring to the jacket and restricts media build-up within the seal