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500 SERIES - High Performance Rotary Shaft Seals

500 Series Rotary Seals are superior to metal cased Teflon® lip seals, in that the body and sealing lip are one and not a sandwiched series of components compressed within a metal can. The elimination of the multiple components found within the traditional metal can lip seal negates the possibility of having the difficult-to-detect "internal case leaker." The homogeneous nature of the 500 Series seal provides static sealing on the outside diameter with o'rings or an integrated spring energized seal. The seal lip geometry, customized for your application, provides dynamic sealing.

The 500 Series will outperform elastomer designs due to the inert, low friction and wear characterictics of Teflon®. Can be installed in closed glands based on seal diameter and cross-section

Seal samples

The 500 Series contact area is wider with a lower co-efficient of friction material, which minimizes wear and allows for sealing high surface velocities when compared to traditional rotary elastomer lip seals. In addition, with designs capable of exceeding 5,000 ft/min, the 500 Series seal offers lower cost solutions than the mechanical face seals historically employ. A diverse range of 500 Series designs are available to meet specific customer application requirements. Polymer Concepts has developed a manufacturing process by which a high volume user such as a commercial blender manufacturer can now cost-effectively benefit from the use of Teflon® seals. Please contact the factory with your specific application data.

Single lip Low pressure, high speed (up to 6,000 ft/min)
Double lip High pressure, low speed
Single lip with extender Bi-directional sealing
Single lip with integrated 100 Series static seal Highly corrosive environment
Double lip with metal retention spring Exposed 100 Series spring provides seal retention when an open gland is employed
Spring loaded single lip Provides improved sealing on shafts when misalignment or extreme run-out conditions exist
Machined single lip design Reduced lip load design for use as an environmental excluder