Polymer Concepts Technologies, Inc.

AS 9100C

ISO 9001:2008



Polymer Concepts generally recommends avoiding closed glands when designing glands for spring energized polymer seals. When it is unavoidable or when trying to work with existing hardware conditions, the 100 Series seal can be installed into closed glands. Installing the 100 Series seal into closed glands requires special consideration, not typically required with the installation of rubber o'rings. Once it is determined installation tools will be required for your specific application, there are three tools required: ramp, pusher and re-sizing tool.

Ramp and Pusher

The ramp is a conical shaped bullet which, when used in conjunction with the pusher tool, allows the seal to gradually transition over a larger hardware diameter. Based upon seal diameter and cross section, the seal will typically "drop" into the gland with near full recovery of the design diameter.

Diagram of ramp and pusher

As the 100 Series seal is pushed up the conical ramp, the seal is gradually stretched over the piston diameter. In most cases, the seal diameter will recover to the proper sealing dimensions. However, to insure the seal is properly seated, we recommend a resizing sleeve be slid over the piston/seal assembly to mechanically assist in the recovery.

Re-sizing Tool

To ensure the seal is properly seated in the gland, a re-sizing tool should be slid over the assembly to help the seal fully recover.